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Car Door Wont Open From Inside

More than 90% of the American population owns a car because of the convenience it brings to our daily living.

A car can take you wherever and whenever you please while ensuring your safety as you travel.

While having a car is advantageous, it still undergoes common malfunctioning problems.

Thus, it is important that your car is provided with the proper care and regular maintenance services to avoid unwanted complications.

However, there are cases when your car suddenly encounters issues such as your car door won’t open from inside.

This will require an emergency service from a professional mechanic with expertise on locks.

Car locksmith is the type of service you should call whenever you encounter issues on the locks or keys of your cars.

They are more knowledgeable and versatile when it comes to the security system of vehicles.

If you need this type of service, you can call Speedlock Locksmith in Hamilton for more information.

Common Issues of a Car Door that won’t open inside

You can’t fix a faulty car door without diagnosing its main issue.

Familiarizing yourself with the common issues of a car door will help you troubleshoot your own and know which type of service you will need.

So, here are the potential reasons why your car door won’t open from the inside.

Broken connections

The locking system of automobiles is functioned by interdependent levers and actuator components.

When these parts start to disengage with each other, the door will hardly open or close.

With that, diagnosing the internal and external connections will help you figure out the issue.

Check the door lock cylinder and the interior locking switch to see if there are obstructions or jamming parts.

Locking system issues

A broken lock is a sign that some parts have issues due to wearing or tearing.

Other times, the lock switch is impaired that’s why the car door doesn’t respond to

You can call an auto repair shop to inspect the components of your car door lock and find what is causing the unlocking issue.

Deadlock and Child-lock features

Sometimes we overthink the situation when a car door won’t open, until you realize that the problem is due to the deadlock and/or child-lock features.

Most modern cars have these features and if you do have one, let us explain how it can affect your car doors.

Deadlock is a safety feature that most high-end models have.

Basically, it does not allow you to open the car doors without the master key when your car doesn’t recognize your key fob.

This feature can be activated accidentally which results in locking yourself inside the car.

Whereas, child locks are used at the backseats to prevent children unlocking the car doors while driving or on hazard.

Sometimes the child lock gets switched unknowingly while you are getting out of the car or holding the door open.

So make sure that you always check the door with the child lock to ascertain it is indeed in a locked position.

Rust and dirt accumulation

One of the common reasons for a malfunctioning door lock is accumulated rust and dirt.

This causes jamming and prevents the parts from moving smoothly.

Note that rust could damage the actuator permanently so make sure to regularly clean your cars to avoid locking yourself inside due to this factor.

Damage car door

Unfortunately, car accidents do happen and they leave structural damage to your car doors.

Some damage is unnoticeable at first that is why it’s very important that you get a consult from a mechanical expert.

Note that when your locking system is working yet the door is too broken, you still won’t be able to unlock the doors.

So to avoid trapping yourself inside, call a professional locksmith to have it fixed now.

How to prevent locking yourself inside the car?

Have a well-maintained car by doing a regular check-up and cleaning routine.

Here are the following methods you can do to prevent car lock issues in the future.

  1. Frequently lubricate the parts of your car door.
  2. Make sure that you have an accessible spare key in case of an emergency.
  3. Regularly inspect the latch and door panel.
  4. Avoid throwing or dropping your key fob
  5. Get a regular consultation and car lock repair from a professional locksmith.

Among all the methods mentioned, hiring a reliable locksmith would be the best recommendation.

Locksmiths are highly trained and equipped with complete tools to perform different automotive locks services.

You can reach out for Speedlock, a licensed automotive locksmith in Hamilton for a monthly check up and prompt high-quality locksmith services including:

  • Lock replacement and repair
  • Lockout services
  • Automotive locksmith services
  • Broken key extraction

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