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Door Closers Installation Service

Door closers are devices which allow your door to open and close gradually with little or no pressure.

They can be fitted to doors of most types and sizes.

If you own a walk-in business, a door closer installed at the entrance of your establishment will offer the following benefits:

  • Safety and lock integrity: As a business owner, your customers’ safety is your number one concern. A door closer will prevent accidental slamming and risks of injury posed thereby. Moreover, it can reduce the damage that can be caused over time to your locking mechanism and door frame by repeated, high force impact.
  • Security: Combined with an automatic locking mechanism, door closers will ensure that no unauthorized personnel will use an unguarded open door to gain access to your trade secrets or supplies.
  • As a cost-effective hygienic solution. While being substantial to any business, hygiene maintenance is crucial to any establishment that offers food service or healthcare. Door closers assist hygiene maintenance by preventing entrance of insects and dirt through open doors.

To ensure maximum benefit, your door closer must be installed and maintained by an experienced professional. Our team at Speed Lock is here to offer its reliable, quick service, available 24/7 in all Hamilton and in neighboring areas.

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