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How To Break Into Your Car

You probably heard the phrase desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Well, you will realize that this is true once you get to the point that you have to break into your car without using any keys.

Yes, there are incidents when you have no other options but to open your car creatively in order to drive it back.

The question is how will you know that you’ve ran out of options and you need to break into your car now?

We have prepared this brief yet detailed information about breaking into your car effectively and safely.

As someone with experience on home repair stuff, you can definitely follow this guide smoothly.

However, if you are reluctant to unlock your own car, you can always call a professional locksmith. 

We are Speedlock, the most trusted car locksmith in Hamilton, available 24/7 for any emergency car lock issues.

Breaking into your own car – Is it safe?

Car lock issues such as losing your keys during an emergency situation; locking your keys inside the car or trunk; or getting stuck in the middle of the road/desert; can frustrate or annoy us quickly.

However, you should not allow stress and panic to cloud up your head!

It is better to be safe than sorry so make sure that you are calm and thinking straight before acting on the situation.

Consider these three dangerous things that could happen if you bluntly break into your own car.

  1. You can hurt yourself or someone near while using the tools
  1. You could cause more damage in your car
  1. You could be mistaken as a car thief and get arrested

Safe and easy methods to break into your car

Given the circumstance that you can’t call a locksmith and you urgently need to open your car, here are some methods you can use.

If accessible, you can use some mechanic tools to unlock the door or trunk of your car.

If not, better to wait for a professional mechanic to come to your place and ask for help from nearby citizens.

Under no circumstance should you smash the glass windows of your car.

The risk of hurting yourself is extremely high plus it will cost you huge bucks for the repairs.

To safely break into your own car, read the following instructions.

WARNING: This guide is only appropriate for emergency situations. 

We do not intend nor encourage using this method illegally, thus the following procedures have the risk of sounding an alarm upon doing so. 

Unlocking a Car Door with Manual Locks

Step 1 – Grab a wedge or any tool that could create a gap at the top of the door, between the window and body of the car.

Make sure that this tool can hold the space open as long as you can finish the next steps.

Step 2 – To secure the tool, make sure that you will insert it further between until the tool is visible through the window.

Keep in mind that you have to be careful to avoid damaging the weather stripping of the door.

Step 3 –  Make a hook that can hold the locking pin.

You can use a clothing hanger or any metal or thread which you can form into a fishing hook.

Step 4 – Once you have a hook, insert it inside the space until it reaches and hold the locking pin.

Pin it down then pull it up repeatedly until the door unlocks.

Unlocking a Car Door with Automatic Locks

This method only applies if the location of lock buttons is beside the driver’s door.

If the lock switch is at the central console, it would be advisable to wait for a car locksmith.

Nonetheless, the steps of breaking into a car with automatic locks are almost similar to the manual locks.

First, you would also wedge a space at the top of the door, between the window and the vehicle’s body.

Then, instead of a hook, you can use a long stick that can be inserted inside to push down the lock button.

When should I call professional assistance?

Before breaking into your car, you must consider first if the sweats of doing the job are worth it.

Sometimes, there are smarter ways you can do in facing car lock issues and one of which is to call a reliable locksmith.

This is advisable because they are more skilled and trained in unlocking car doors without the keys.

Hire Speedlock Locksmith in Hamilton to avoid the hassle of hijacking your own car.

We perform all kinds of services including car lockouts, lock repair and replacement, and broken key extraction.

With just one call, you can expect us to be on the way, all-prepared to perform high-quality and prompt locksmith services.

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