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How To Change Battery In Cadillac Key

In this century, almost all vehicles use smart keys for their locking system and other added features.

One of the most innovative and competitive automobile brands is Cadillac Automobile Company. 

This company has been using battery-powered key fobs since 2014.

If you are a recent user of this car brand and don’t know how to change the battery in a Cadillac key, we definitely got you!

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For now, allow us to walk you through on the step-by-step method in changing your Cadillac key batteries at ease!

Brief Background of Cadillac Key Fob

Cadillac (est 1902) is one of the first automotive brands in the world, taking fourth place in the United States.

It is quite impressive that for many decades, they have stayed in the industry and now with more advanced mechanisms.

Among their innovations, Cadillac was able to produce a keyless entry remote or key fob for their automobiles.

From 2014 up to this date, all models of Cadillac use a battery-powered key fob to start and unlock their cars.

A key fob is a type of electronic remote device that has programming that allows you to send signals to your vehicle with sensors ranging from 5 – 20 meters.

How to Open and Change Cadillac Key Fob Battery

If your Cadillac key fob does not work in long range anymore, you probably need a battery replacement.

Changing your key fob battery is simple and you can do it on your own at home.

First, we will teach you how to correctly open the key fob then we will go straight to the replacement part.

To avoid any complications, read and follow the instructions carefully.

Moreover, the battery replacement for Cadillac key fob is similar with all types and models of Cadillac starting 2014 up to current.

Opening a Cadillac Key Fob

  1. On the side of the key fob, you will find a small release button.
  1. Press that button then the case will open and you will see a metal key or the emergency key blade.
  1. Remove the key blade and you will see a tiny hole opening.
  1. Using a small flat head screwdriver to wedge or separate the two parts of the key fob.

Changing the Batteries

After opening the key fob, the next steps would be locating the circuit board and battery.

  1. Once you separate the two sides of the key fob, you will see a circuit board on one side while the other side has the battery.
  1. Remove the old battery (you can use the flathead screwdriver to scoop it out) and don’t forget to dispose of it properly!
  1. Then replace it with a new CR2032 battery and make sure that the positive part is facing down.
  1. After replacing the battery, you now close the two sides back together and return the metal key to its place.
  1. Then test if the key fob is working properly in both close and far proximity range.

If you still experience problems with your Cadillac Key Fob, do these following measures:

  1. Re-open the key fob and check if the battery positive side is facing down and perfectly fitting.
  1. The battery you replaced must be old as well, so replace it with a spare one and make sure that it is brand new.

Locksmith Services for your Cadillac Key Fob

In case that the battery replacement is not working, the problem must be on the key fob mechanism itself.

Other than dead battery, there are possible reasons for a faulty key fob including:

  • Loose and worn out key parts/buttons
  • Key fob needs reprogramming
  • Key fob has damages due to frequent dropping or careless use

If your key fob is malfunctioning due to these issues, you need to call a professional locksmith for services such as key fob replacement. 

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