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How To Open A Locked Door Without Keyhole

Locks, keys, and doors are the three main components that help us build privacy and security in our lives.

But what if you find yourself in a position where you got trapped behind a locked door without a keyhole?

This kind of situation is genuinely overwhelming and most people think that smashing the door might be the only way to get through.

Hate to break it to you, but locks can be tricked and manipulated.

There are several ways to open a locked door without a keyhole and we are here to discuss them with you.

Just a friendly reminder that the following procedures are not guaranteed to work effectively on all types of locks.

It is more advisable to call a professional locksmith so you can safely get out from a trapped door.

Call Speedlock, a licensed locksmith in Hamilton for prompt lockout services!

Method #1: The Use of Card

One of the most well-known and oldest ways to unlock a door without a key hole is the plastic card technique.

Any bendable laminated plastic is doable as long as you will not use it for deadbolts because this method doesn’t work for those locks.

Also, make sure that the card you will use is for disposal because it will probably be broken afterwards.

Here is the step-by-step procedure of the card method.

  1. Find rigid yet flexible plastic cards that can slide in-between the door and the jamb.
  1. Slide the card within the door and the jamb, and continue to do so until it reaches the bolt.
  1. Push through the latch until the card touches the slope of the latch bolt.
  1. As you press on, jiggle the door knob, so the latch bolt goes down a little.
  1. When the card reaches the slope, push it down hard to depress the latch, until you can jostle the door open.

Method #2: Pinhole Bypass

This method is only applicable for door locks with a small hole on the exterior handle or knob.

Its main objective is actually for water to drain out of the lock and for lubrication as well, but this hole can be handy in a lockout situation.

The tool you will need is a small screw-like device that could fit in the dimension of the tiny hole.

This could be a paperclip, bobby pin, safety pin, or anything that you can turn into a mini screwdriver that can reach the actuator hole.

If you have the device, follow this instruction:

  1. Use a flashlight to see the actuator’s location and orientation.
  1. Insert the tool into the pinhole and feel the actuator’s slot.
  1. Once you find the slot, fit the tool within it.
  1. Rotate your tool left and right until you find the way to unlock the door.

Method #3: Remove Doorknob

Another method to unlock a door without a keyhole is removing the doorknob.

What you need is a good quality screwdriver which can loosen the screws of the doorknob.

As you successfully unscrew the doorknob, you can just pull it out at ease.

This is also an easy technique however, you might have a hard time putting back the pieces together.

If you still have the manual guide for your doorknob, that should tell the location of all the screws and other mechanisms.

Method #4: Under the Doorway

This is the specific technique for door handles that unlock from the interior side.

For the device you will use, get a wire coat hanger or any shapeable metal which can be bent twice.

The first bend is for you to hold with still enough length to slip under the doorway.

Then the other end (the one you will slip) will be bent again to create a small hook for the handle.

If you successfully created the tool, follow this instruction:

  1. Slip the part with a small hook under the door.
  1. Pay attention to the bumps and taps the tool touches on the other side of the door.
  1. If you feel the tool is lined up to the handle, move it further above the handle.
  1. Then carefully pull down the tool to hook the handle.
  1. When you hook the handle, pull it down again until you unlock the door.

Method #5: Alternative Way Out

If the methods do not help and you still can’t open the door, you have to look for alternative access inside the room or house.

It could be a window, side door, or crawl spaces that you can reach without risking yourself in danger.

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