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I Am Locked Out Of My Apartment

Imagine you just clocked out from your office, exhausted from all the work, and ready to go home.

You stand in front of your apartment door only to find out that you forgot your keys.

Being in that position is truly frustrating and the only thing you can think of is to break down.

Sadly, this can happen to anyone because forgetting the key is only one of the many possible reasons for being locked out of your own apartment.

Worry no more!

We can get you out of that bad situation because we, Speedlock, have prepared this list of techniques you can use if you are locked out of your own place.

You can also call our team for an emergency locksmith service because we are open 24 hours every day!

What to do if you are locked out of your apartment?

Coming home tired then realizing “I am locked out of my apartment” is truly a major inconvenience and trouble in your life.

Nonetheless, take deep breaths and stay calm.

If you continue to indulge with panic or anger, it’ll be hard for you to think clearly and find solutions.

Now that you are calmed, let us walk through one by one on what you can do if you are locked out of your apartment.

Step 1: Check for an alternative way in

Considering your own safety, check for any open windows or backdoors that you can access first.

Maybe you missed closing one when you got out of the house earlier.

If you find one, be careful not to hurt yourself and then call a locksmith to identify the problem in your key or door lock.

Step 2: Ensure your safety

First thing you need to secure is yourself.

Since you are out of the comfort of your own home, you need to make sure that you are safe.

Ascertain that you have a roof or shelter to stay in and check your surroundings for any suspicious passersby.

If you feel uncomfortable in your current area, go to the nearest convenience store or any place with civilians and security guards.

Step 3: Why did you get locked out?

Now to find a solution, ask yourself why did you get locked out of your own apartment?

Is it because you forgot your keys?

Or did your key break while you’re turning it on the knob?

Or maybe something suspicious is going on inside your house and you’re too scared to get in.

If it’s the latter part, better call 911 Emergency because someone might be stealing from your own home.

However, if it’s the first two reasons, continue on with step 3.

Step 4: Contact your Landlord or Leasing Office

Most landlords have a duplicate key of their residents.

If possible, call them right away to lend you the key and have your apartment open.

Another option is contacting your leasing office since they have a copy of your key for maintenance work or emergencies like this.

Or if the lockout happened during business hours, you can contact the leasing office to give you a copy of your key.

The only catch is you would probably pay a service fee.

Step 5: Call a friend, family, or your neighbors

This step could help you solve your problem especially if you entrust to someone a duplicate of your apartment key.

If not, call a friend, family, or someone you can ask to crash the night with.

In this way, you can get enough rest and have strength to face the issue the next day.

Tips to prevent locking yourself out of your own apartment

If you successfully got yourself back in, congratulations, you did a great job!

Although the job is not quite finished yet because you need to make sure that this scenario doesn’t happen again.

Here are three effective tips you can do to prevent locking yourself out of your own apartment:

  1. Get a spare key and keep it in your office, under a pot, or somewhere safe yet easily accessible for you.
  1. Give at least to three people you genuinely trust an extra set of keys.

Make sure that they are reliable and you can easily reach them for emergencies.

  1. Consider installing a keyless entry doorway.
  • Most modern apartments use a keyless entry doorway, either through pin locks or biometrics.
  • This is helpful because you won’t need to carry a key around with you everyday and have the fear of forgetting it.

Emergency Locksmith Service in Hamilton

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All these services are performed by our high-performing, talented, and well-trained locksmiths in Hamilton.

Our store is available for 24 hours, so you don’t need to worry if you got locked out past business hours.

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