Since cars are valuable assets, owners need to make sure that the engine, steering wheel, and other components have the proper maintenance and care.

This also includes the locks and key ignition because they are more extensive and complicated than you think.

Having car locksmith services is a great way to make sure  that your automotive keys are still functioning well to avoid complications in the future.

It also prevents any unwanted incidents like locking yourself inside/outside the car which can be a very stressful setting.

This doesn’t occur very often but key fobs or smart keys that have built-in sensors still managed to malfunction at some point.

Accidents such as forgetting the key fob inside your car still do happen, but there are ways on how to get it back without damaging your car locks.

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Brief Explanation about Modern Key Fobs

A key fob is like a very small remote control that allows you to send signals to your car even if you are some meters away from it.

This keyless system is what modern cars use now to start up their engine.

With just a few presses, this piece of technological device can do several things such as:

  1. Remotely start or warm up your car
  1. Lower and closing the windows
  1. Fold in side mirrors
  1. Unlock/Lock car doors and trunk
  1. Set up alarm system or put it in panic mode

These five features are just a few of the several things a key fob can do.

Later on with advanced technology, more smart-key features will come such as being able to park a car remotely.

These only shows how viable the key fob is to modern vehicles nowadays and losing it would require assistance from a mechanical expert.

Factors that could cause your key fob locked inside the car

Key fobs have built-in features where they try to prevent you from accidentally locking your key inside your car.

So if you locked your key fob inside the car by chance, it means there might be problems with the sensors or the key itself.

Knowing these factors will help you diagnose your own key fob so let us discuss them now.

Issues on the Sensor Range

Malfunctioning locks

Worn-out keys

Accidental reasons

What to do when I locked my key fob inside the car?

Locking your key fob inside the car and having no spare traditional key is a frustrating situation that frazzles you at first.

However, you must stay calm and clear your head in order to think straight and make the right decisions for your car.

There are ways you can try even if you don’t have your car remote device on your hands.

  1. Start with the Obvious Measures

Examples of obvious measures are:

  1. Creatively unlock your car using accessible tools 

This method you will need any available long, bendable material (e.g. a wire coat hanger) that you can insert at the top window part of the car door.

Push it inside until it can reach either the key fob or control lock buttons inside the vehicle.

  1. Dial 911 for Emergency Situations

For critical situations like there is a baby inside the locked car or you are in the middle of the road causing a huge traffic jam, you need to call 911 for help before it gets worse.

  1. Call Professional Locksmith or Mechanic

For the most effective and versatile solution, call the best and most reliable locksmith within your area.

Unlocking a smart key operated car would be too risky and could cost you more repairs when you accidentally damage your own vehicle.

Hiring a locksmith with specialization on car lockout services and key fob programming would be the top recommendation.

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