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Key Won’t Turn In Ignition – Steering Wheel Not Locked

A car is one of the greatest human inventions in the world.

It has brought a huge convenience in our daily lives since we can travel long distances without over tiring our own physical bodies.

However, automobiles can still run down and malfunction in the course of time.

Fortunately, we have people who can deal with automobile issues and one of them is a Professional Car Locksmith.

Does your car face issues like the key won’t turn in ignition even if the steering wheel is not locked?

Call Speedlock Locksmith in Hamilton for a fast and reliable lock repair and replacement!

We are trained and equipped to fix any issues relating to automobile keys and lock systems.

Diagnosing a Car Key that won’t turn the ignition

The steering wheel is not locked yet your car key doesn’t turn on the ignition, is that possible?

Yes, there are other components that could affect the function of your vehicle.

Knowing these possible factors will help you diagnose the main issue.

ISSUE #1: Gear shift  – a car with automatic transmission does not allow the key to turn ignition when the gear is not parker or neutral.

However, if your car is already parked, shake the gear a little to make sure the position is correct then try to turn the key again.

ISSUE #2: Battery – If your car key still won’t function, check the battery because sometimes dead batteries cause the resistance of ignition.

You can check the voltmeter or turn on the car lights to verify if the battery is working or not.

ISSUE #3: Damage key – Keys are made of soft metal that can be worn out or bent in the long run.

Sometimes a bent key can still access the lock cylinder but won’t turn because the key doesn’t fit accordingly.

In other cases, when the key is already worn out you should obtain a new one because faulty keys have a chance to break inside the cylinder lock (a more serious concern).

ISSUE #4: Dirty or Rusted Key – Since keys are made of metals, there is a chance that they will accumulate rust or dirt which can make the turning difficult.

Make sure to clean or wipe your car key regularly to improve its functionality.

ISSUE# 5: Ignition Lock Cylinder – This component is where you insert the car key to start the engine thus, this part can cause issues as well.

First, use a flashlight to check if there are obstructions rooted in the key cylinder.

Obstructions can be small debris, dirt, or stuck pins and springs.

The pins and springs are responsible for the unique key shape inside the cylinder.

If they are jamming together, you can gently force tap your key to loosen the pins and springs.

When the attempt is successful, try to turn the key again.

What should I do when my Car Key is not turning the ignition?

There are ways you can try to troubleshoot the ignition issues of your car.

However, if you think you are dealing with a more complex problem, it’s best to call the experts for an accurate diagnosis and repair.

Nonetheless and without further ado, here are some tricks you can do to make your car key work:

STEP #1: Lubricate the Lock and Ignition Cylinder

As mentioned, rust and dirt could negatively affect the function of your car key.

A proper lubrication for both the ignition cylinder and car key will make the turning work better and smoother.

Just be careful with the lubrication process, make sure you use the appropriate lubricant and the amount of application.

STEP #2: Rapping the Key 

Rapping the key is the term for what we discussed earlier about gently tapping the key into the lock cylinder.

You can use a hammer or any vibrating mechanism tool for this but you have to be careful and not use too much force.

The goal is to position the internal components correctly in the lock cylinder.

STEP #3: Repair the Key 

If the rapping doesn’t work, examine the key if it has cracks or dents then call for repair services to fix it.

STEP #4: Replacement Service

If the key or lock cylinder is too damaged, lock replacement is the best option.

In this way, you can get brand new car keys and it is also an opportunity to reprogram your car’s security features.

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