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What To Do When You Lost Your Car Keys?

It is truly annoying when we misplace important stuff like our car keys because this situation can cause so many delays on our fixed agenda.

Other than delays, a lot of bad things could also happen in between the moments that you don’t have a car key at your hand.

So if you already search the whole area of your house and still can’t find your key, this issue can be considered as an emergency situation.

Seeking help from a professional locksmith would be a great first step on what to do when you lose your car keys.

Speedlock locksmith is always prepared in this kind of situation and we can promptly produce or duplicate high-quality keys.

To explain further, here are the important things you should do when you can’t find your car keys.

Three simple steps when you lose your Car Key

It’s understandable to be dazed or confused when your car key suddenly disappears, especially at the moment you need it the most.

Truth be told, losing car keys is very uncanny to human beings.

For this reason, the online web is full of blogs/articles about the specific steps you should take when your key goes missing.

Being familiar with the course of action will help you to be able to think clearly when you are in the real situation.

So without further ado, here is a step-by-step process you should take as soon as your car key is missing.

Search all the possible areas

You may have done this already, but it’s better to be sure than sorry.

Very often, we overlook some corners of our house, clothes, or even surroundings and insides of our car when we are panicking.

So try retracing your steps again and search all the possible areas where you can find your key while you are calm and steady.

Gather all information about your car and its security features

If you have looked everywhere and still couldn’t find your key, it’s time to call a professional car locksmith or your dealership.

Just make sure you have some important information that could come in handy for them.

Information such as the type of key and vehicle you have, the manual guide, and vehicle identification number (VIN).

The year and model of your car would be of great help as well.

Decide to get a new key with a spare one

After working with a locksmith or car dealership, they would probably recommend you to get a new key for your car.

This would be the best option because it is also an opportunity to upgrade to a locking system.

Also, don’t forget to get a spare key and hide it somewhere safe yet accessible for you when you lose your main car key again.

What should I do if I lose ‘this type’ of car key?

Losing a car key wasn’t that a big deal way back in the early 1990s because you can go straight ahead to the nearest hardware store and get a replacement.

However, the convenience of getting a new key made thieves more clever in stealing your car.

As a result, engineers and scientists have developed technological advanced key fobs to upgrade the security features of modern cars.

Now, you can encounter several types of car keys yet you might have no idea what to do when you lose them.

So here’s a brief explanation when you lose ‘this type’ of car key.

Traditional Car Keys

  • This is the basic type of car metal key which is used in older versions of vehicles.
  • When a traditional key is lost, you can simply contact the nearest locksmith you can find for a replacement.

Car Key Fob

  • Key fob is a remote entry type of key, paired with traditional or transponder keys.
  • Without this key, you can still use your vehicle since you can use your traditional keys as an option.
  • Replacing this type of key can be quite expensive, so be prepared for that.

Transponder Key and Smart Key

  • Transponder keys and smart keys can remotely operate the function of vehicles.
  • Losing this type of key will be a bigger challenge because the replacement and programming will take more time than you think.
  • You may consider getting your car towed if you were stuck outside or in the middle of the road.

Quick and Easy Car Key Replacement by Speedlock

Car key replacement is the safest option you can choose when you lose your own key.

Even if you have a spare one, the car key that you lost might have gotten into the wrong hands and give opportunity for car theft.

So get a new set of car keys now before it’s too late!

Call Speedlock for a quick and easy car key replacement in Hamilton.

We produce high-quality services for locks and keys replacements, programming, and installation.

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