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Why Does My Trunk Keep Popping Open

One of the best functions of having a car is you can bring heavy and large items with you on a trip using your car’s trunk.

However, it can be extremely irritating when the trunk keeps popping open even if you closed it already.

If this is happening to you lately, you should know that there are several factors to consider why your trunk doesn’t close while driving.

A faulty trunk means you need to call for a professional car locksmith as well for a correct diagnosis and prompt repairs.

For this reason, Speedlock Locksmith is here to explain the answer to end your frustration about “why does my trunk keep popping open.”

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Brief Background about the Locking Mechanism of a Car’s Trunk

A functional car trunk should have a well-coordinated trunk latch, electric release, a striking mechanism and a mechanical release mechanism.

When you close the trunk, the latch and striker plate should lock together to make sure the locker stays in place properly.

Basically the locking mechanism of the passenger’s door is the same as the trunk door.

A locking system in the driver’s side or key fob is programmed and pressing that button can lock/unlock the trunk.

Most cars still have a handle attached then someone will lever up or pull down the trunk door.

Unfortunately, this mechanism can be interrupted by various reasons and when it happens, the trunk will hardly close properly.

Common reasons why your trunk doesn’t close

It is a major inconvenience when your trunk is repeatedly popping open as you drive especially if you have something heavy or big item inside.

There is a high chance that the things you keep there fall while you are driving.

In some cases, a trunk that won’t close is an opportunity for car theft because there is a possibility that they can open your vehicle through the trunk.

Therefore, you need to find ways to fix this issue and you should begin by diagnosing the root cause.

Knowing  the reason behind your faulty trunk will help you assess which type of locksmith service you should get.

If you are lucky, there might be a chance that you won’t need a locksmith because you can fix the problem by yourself.

We have listed down the possible reasons as to why your trunk doesn’t close and here are the following:

You forgot the key fob inside the car

Let’s go for the most obvious reason first and that is accidentally leaving your key fob inside the trunk.

As you know, trunks have sensors that prevent owners from locking the car if they forgot the key fob inside.

If you find your car key inside the trunk, get the key, and try closing it again.

Broken Lock Mechanism

When pressing the buttons from the key fob doesn’t close the hood, then the most possible reason is you have a faulty key.

However, if you press the buttons from the driver’s side and yet the trunk still doesn’t close, then the problem must be on the actuator or the receiving end of the transmitted signals.

You need to have the key fob and actuator checked for an accurate diagnosis.

Damaged trunk latch

If you don’t know what trunk latch is, this part is similar to the latch that you see on doors or seatbelt.

The trunk latch is a component that allows the trunk door to fully close.

It comprises a connecting unit that holds the trunk lid from the car’s body.

So when you close the lid, the two components should latch together to secure the trunk.

If the trunk latch is broken, it will lose the ability to close or open the trunk properly.

Lock Actuator is Malfunctioning

The lock actuator is an electrical component that controls the lock function of your trunk.

Similar to a motor, it is responsible for the opening and closing of the trunk lid.

When the actuator has damage, the opening and closing will be compromised.

How to fix a car trunk that won’t close?

Of course, we can’t leave you with just knowing the problems why your car trunk won’t close.

You also need to know the methods on how to deal with them.

  1. Check the parts of trunk if anything is broken
  • This could be the latch, cable, weather stripping, or the lid itself.
  1. See if the latch is cleaned or not.
  • The latches must be cleaned regularly because automotive problems commonly arise due to dirty car components.
  1. Bring you concern to a professional car locksmith
  • To fully prevent this issue, you need an expert on the field to troubleshoot the real reason and fix your popping car trunk.

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