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Why Won’t My Car Key Turn

There is nothing more frustrating than getting into your car, in a hurry, and ready to drive, but your car key refuses to turn.

If your car key suddenly does that, try to calm yourself and refrain from panicking.

No matter how stressful it can be, a key fob that refuses to turn on ignition is a normal complication whereas there are several ways on how to rise above the challenge.

Allow us, Speedlock, to walk you through the main reasons for car key malfunctioning and ways how to deal with them.

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Why should I pay attention to my Car Key?

The ignition key is an important element that allows the car engine to start up and run.

Once you place the key into the ignition lock cylinder, you have access to the electrical component called ignition switch.

Most modern vehicles have an ignition switch to control the locking system and activate theft-deterrent code.

Though the process seems easy to do, there are times when your car resists from starting or the key gets stuck in the ignition and won’t turn.

In order to fix the problem, you must diagnose first why your key doesn’t work properly.

Common causes of a malfunctioning car key

Steering wheel is locked

Most modern cars have steering wheels that lock once you remove the key, as a safety feature.

However, there are cases when you accidentally lock or move the wheel while taking out the key from the ignition.

As a result, you may find it difficult to turn the key next time you insert it in the ignition cylinder.

When the steering wheel is locked, the key is likely to get stuck or will not turn further.

Such issues can also be signs of a faulty lock assembly which might risk the overall key ignition features of your car when you continue to ignore them.

There are dents or bents on the key

Using the same car key for over decades of years will eventually wear out or develop dents.

This especially happens when you frequently insert the key carelessly and strenuously inside the ignition lock cylinder.

A car key with visible cracks and bents will not perfectly fit the cylinder which can cause the resistance from turning.

There is an obstruction in the ignition lock cylinder

As mentioned, the ignition lock cylinder is a part of your car where you insert the key to turn on the engine.

Similar to car keys, ignition cylinders have the tendency to wear out as they age.

A common sign of a damaged ignition lock cylinder is you will feel resistance when you insert/turn the key.

You must call a car locksmith because when this component has damage, it may permanently break your key.

Aside from that, the key cylinder is also prone to small dirt debris piling up inside which can cause obstruction for the car key.

Thus, it is important to clean the small holes in your car as well to avoid this issue.

Poor Battery

If your vehicle is run by batteries, the ignition system also depends on that.

Meaning, the key will not likely turn when the battery is dead or it functions poorly.

This issue is common to high-end car models where they greatly rely on electronic ignition systems.

Gear is not set properly

Another common reason why your car key won’t turn is when the gear is not set properly.

Some cars have a security feature where you cannot turn the key if your vehicle is not parked or in neutral.

If the gear is set to a different motion, that would explain why your car key won’t turn.

However, if the gear appears to be in neutral or park properly, try to wave the stick a little then insert the key again.

Ways to fix a car key that won’t turn

There are simple ways to fix a broken car key without risking your safety or pouring too much sweat on it.

Here are the best solutions to deal with a malfunctioning car key:

  1. Carefully turn the steering wheel from right and left while you jiggle the key on its way inside the ignition.
  1. Use lubricant and cloth to smoothen the car key.
  1. Replace the key or ignition lock cylinder depending on which is causing the real damage.
  1. Replace the old battery of your car with a better model.
  1. Always clean your car key fob as well as the component where you insert it.

Call a Professional Locksmith – Speedlock

Our last yet most effective recommendation is calling a professional locksmith to fix the issue! 

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